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Dining Room Before and After

Here are my latest before and after photos.  The area is the dining room, which is right off the living room.  In place of the new chandelier from Home Depot , there used to be a ceiling fan.  I'm not a "fan" of ceiling fans, so that was one of the first things to go.  The very first thing to go was all of the old carpet that covered the floors in almost all of the rooms. As I've written previously, one of the things I first loved about this house was the paneling, and this area off the living room that I have chosen to use for the formal dining area.  Not long after starting the process of buying the house, I envisioned an all-gold dining and living room.  Part of that vision was gold curtains.  Well, after purchasing the fabric online from Ebay , I realized they were way too sheer to be used without backing.  Since taking these photos, I have added off-white muslin to make them opaque. As you can see, under that old carpet were some fabulous hard

Pantry Makeover

Here are photos of the first completed project in our new house.  I decided to start with the pantry because the room was small, and not too overwhelming to paint.   Unfortunately, the winter weather kept us from doing a lot more the past few months.  Frankly, it was just too cold and miserable for anyone to want to work on a house that needs so much done, inside and out.  Now that we've been having many days of warm, Spring weather here in Virginia, we've already gotten a lot more done. My dad, James, helped me paint the walls of the pantry.  Unfortunately, it took several coats to get good coverage. We  used Olympic Assure with primer.  For the floor, we used a grey by C& M Coatings that was purchased at Lowe's. It's amazing how much cleaner and fresher a coat of paint makes things feel!   Before Before shot of pantry floor Pantry after new paint After