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Showing posts from June, 2020

Red Shoe Ring Holder

This little, red polka dot shoe shaped ring holder as another item that I found at the 99 Cent Only store.  For a while I was collecting all kinds of cute items like this but now I'm trying to cut back on a lot more of the knick-knack items that I have in my house. At the marble table that this is sitting on is a Goodwill purchase. I believe it is only around $10. 

Silver Flower Pot

I'm not even sure where this tiny silver flower pot came from, but I presume it's something that I bought from a thrift store many years ago.  What you're looking at is my mantle in my dressing Room. I'm still figuring out just how I want to reject rate it now that it has been painted. The tall vase to the right is another item that was thrift it a few years back. I have a collection of things in the same iridescent and pastel look.

Owl and Hello Kitty

I found this Hello Kitty piggy bank at Walmart several years ago and it was around $10 when I purchased it. I've noticed that Walmart has had cute piggy banks in the past, and I also have one that is a pink perfume bottle that's my favorite. The little pink piggy bank was a 99 Cent Only store purchase back when I was still living in California.