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Thrift Store Side Table and Cabinet DIY

I found this first table at Goodwill for under $20.  It was scratched, and a little worn, so I spray painted it gold to give it a new look, and match the rest of the decor in my dining room.  I had been wanting two side tables for a while, but had not had much luck finding anything the right price, and style.  I like that this table has the added piece along the bottom, since it really helps with storage. This next cabinet was purchased for around $25 at Habitat for Humanity.  It was just a little too worn to be left unpainted, so I spray painted it gold, also. Here is the after! I am so happy with how they both turned out!  For now, I am storing a lot of my crystal and clear glass in the cabinet.   The candelabra on top was a $10 find from a thrift store in Amelia, Virginia.  I had been wanting one for a long time, so I was thrilled to find this one, and at such a great price, too. The large crystal vase with the palm trees was a Goodwill find for around $25.  

Bedroom Before and After

This post has been such a long time coming!  Today, I am finally posting the before and after of the bedroom renovation of our home. The first photos I am sharing are of the room when we first purchased the home.  We ended up not changing much at all in this room except for the dirty, old carpet.  We removed all of that, and also the particle board that had started to decay and fall apart.  It was a lot of back-breaking work, and we ended up taking many weeks to complete just the removal.   I think this wood paneling was probably put in place back in the 1970's.  I am not a huge fan of the dark wood, but I just could not bring myself to paint over something that still looked brand new, as far as wear, after more than 40 years.  Perhaps some day I will end up painting it, but we still have far too much to work on in the rest of the house to bother at this time.    Here it is!  The next picture (below) shows the end result, as of now.  I am so thril