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Dessert Bar

I decided  to create the dessert bar that I've been wanting to do for several years.  It may not be as pink and on the scale that I wanted it, but I am very happy with it and I think it turned out very pretty.  A few months ago I had seen an advertisement about the Unicorn cake being sold at Walmart, so I decide to get that from a birthday and it tasted great and looked great and I am very happy with that as well. I totally recommend the unicorn cake for kids and adults alike.

Vintage Flags

I purchased these vintage style flags at a Habitat For Humanity Restore last year. I love the aged look of the fabric, and I think they work great with the color scheme and a core in my bedroom.

Bathroom Shelf

I purchased this shelf sometime last winter For only 99 cents at a goodwill store.  I thought it would be a good place to store toiletries in my bathroom that I was renovating. The metal on the shelf was a dull gold and the wood was a brown, so I decided to repaint the entire thing in gold from Rustoleum spray paint. I'm very happy with how it looks and it fits perfectly into the corner of my little bathroom so I can put some of my prettiest toiletries on display.  

Apple Pie Recipe

This was my first ever attempt at making apple pie from scratch, and it came out great!   We have planted three apple trees in our backyard this past year, so hopefully we're going to have many apples for many years to come.  I was happy to find a good apple pie recipe! I baked the Apple pie in this ceramic pie Pan and it came out great, as well.  My table cloth is handmade with fabric that I bought from a fabric store when we were still living in California.  The little peach tea pot is something that was a gift with flowers many years ago. The little coffee sign was a Dollar Tree purchase, and the grape vase was a thrift store item.

Pink Damask Tablecloth

I made this damask tablecloth for this small bistro table in our kitchen from some clearance remnant fabric that I found at Walmart for around a dollar or so. It ended up being the perfect size to make a small table cloth for this tiny table.    I added a few of these beautiful dishes that we found from a thrift store several years ago. I just love the beautiful design, they are so romantic and shabby chic. The napkins I made from some remnant fabric that I've had for years and it was the perfect amount to make four napkins.  I think the shade of pink is a beautiful dusty, mauve pink and I love it.  The napkin rings are from a set that I also thrifted, as is the teapot and the vases.

Rose Gold Fan

I decided that I wanted a screen for the fireplace so I started looking around online and saw that they had a pretty option around a $100. I was considering buying it when I remembered that I had this plastic fan that I bought from the thrift store for just a few dollars.  I had been planning on painting it with a rose gold spray paint and putting on a wall somewhere. It occurred to me that I could work very well as a decorative fireplace screen I am not going to be using my fireplace for a real fire so it doesn't matter that this item is plastic. I think it works very well and helps to cover what I consider an unsightly fireplace, especially when I want to use this area for taking pictures in front of.

Red Shoe Ring Holder

This little, red polka dot shoe shaped ring holder as another item that I found at the 99 Cent Only store.  For a while I was collecting all kinds of cute items like this but now I'm trying to cut back on a lot more of the knick-knack items that I have in my house. At the marble table that this is sitting on is a Goodwill purchase. I believe it is only around $10. 

Silver Flower Pot

I'm not even sure where this tiny silver flower pot came from, but I presume it's something that I bought from a thrift store many years ago.  What you're looking at is my mantle in my dressing Room. I'm still figuring out just how I want to reject rate it now that it has been painted. The tall vase to the right is another item that was thrift it a few years back. I have a collection of things in the same iridescent and pastel look.

Owl and Hello Kitty

I found this Hello Kitty piggy bank at Walmart several years ago and it was around $10 when I purchased it. I've noticed that Walmart has had cute piggy banks in the past, and I also have one that is a pink perfume bottle that's my favorite. The little pink piggy bank was a 99 Cent Only store purchase back when I was still living in California.