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Pink Damask Tablecloth

I made this damask tablecloth for this small bistro table in our kitchen from some clearance remnant fabric that I found at Walmart for around a dollar or so. It ended up being the perfect size to make a small table cloth for this tiny table.    I added a few of these beautiful dishes that we found from a thrift store several years ago. I just love the beautiful design, they are so romantic and shabby chic. The napkins I made from some remnant fabric that I've had for years and it was the perfect amount to make four napkins.  I think the shade of pink is a beautiful dusty, mauve pink and I love it.  The napkin rings are from a set that I also thrifted, as is the teapot and the vases.

Rose Gold Fan

I decided that I wanted a screen for the fireplace so I started looking around online and saw that they had a pretty option around a $100. I was considering buying it when I remembered that I had this plastic fan that I bought from the thrift store for just a few dollars.  I had been planning on painting it with a rose gold spray paint and putting on a wall somewhere. It occurred to me that I could work very well as a decorative fireplace screen I am not going to be using my fireplace for a real fire so it doesn't matter that this item is plastic. I think it works very well and helps to cover what I consider an unsightly fireplace, especially when I want to use this area for taking pictures in front of.