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Foyer Renovation Before and After

It was a long time coming, but I finally did some renovations to my foyer.  The Main thing I did was to seal all of the edges around the floorboards and paint the walls white.   I decided to go with white for the floor is well. Since moving to this house, I often felt that the foyer was very dark and creepy.  I decided I wanted everything to be all white so I could see any little creatures that were moving along the floor.  I think the white floor is going to be hard to keep clean, especially because we don't have a paved driveway in our yard, yet. Because of that, when it rains, which is very often here in Virginia, the yard gets very muddy, and we end up tracking mud all over the house.   In these "before photos," you can see the wallpaper that was original to the house when we bought it.  The wallpaper is actually in fairly good condition, and fairly attractive. But, since I have a fear of spiders, I did not want the busy wallpaper that could hide bugs and