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Park Lane Glassware by Colony

This glassware was made by "Colony." "Colony" was one of a series of companies that produced glassware in the early 19th Century until the mid-20th Century. Those interested in the history of these companies can find it on various other websites, including Ohio Glass.

NOTE: This vintage glassware is not to be confused with Park Lane "full lead crystal" ware by Mikasa.

Libertad and I discovered Park Lane glassware at secondhand stores early in our relationship. I believe that some blue glass pieces of it were among my earliest purchases of glassware in San Antonio, Texas, where Libertad and I were married in 2009. 

For our first Valentine's Day together, in 2008, she took me to a store in Shockoe Bottom, in Richmond, Virginia; I think it was La Diff. I decided to buy a set of four, handblown glass tumblers, allegedly made in Mexico. They have what appear to be drops of blood all over them, blown into the glass. I thought they looked appropriate for Valentine's Day. 

Libertad also started taking me to her favorite secondhand stores, some of which were in the Goodwill chain. I soon became addicted to collecting secondhand tableware, so, when we moved into an apartment together, at The Vintage Apartments in San Antonio, in the summer of 2009, one of the first places we went, besides the H.E.B. grocery store, was a secondhand store, nearby, which is where I believe I bought a few of these blue glasses, as well as some blue Carnvialware glasses, for sipping sangrĂ­a.

 On October 15, 2009, a similar glass appeared in an episode of "Bones," titled "A Night at the Bones Museum." It appears on the table while Bones (a.k.a. Dr. Temperance Brennan, played by Emily Deschanel) is on a date with the Assistant F.B.I. Director, Andrew Hacker, played by Diedrich Bader.

Later, when I was on Temporary Duty for the U.S. Army, in Brownsville, Texas, Libertad made a trip to Virginia to buy us an R.V., and, during that trip, she bought me a few more of these blue glasses.

About thirteen years later, we found these clear ones at Lowemart, in Kenbridge, Virginia.


Guest blog post by William Mortensen Vaughan


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