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Christmas Living Room Decor

I have a few new additions to my Christmas décor in my living Room this year. I found this mantel decoration at Goodwill for $6.99, and I found the candles to put in it the same day so they match perfectly. The Santa has to be where the most amazing finds my mother pointed I while we were shopping in Bliss Thrift store. We could not believe when it had a $20 tag attached to it.
I had been thinking last year that I would like a Santa that was more life sized but I knew it wasn't practical.  I did not really have any real plans on buying one until I saw this and that it was such a great deal . The Santa does not move or anything like that, and he is lightweight and easy to carry myself,  now I just need to figure out where to store him until next year.

The beautiful red and gold tablecloth is another item I picked up for less than one dollar at Bliss Thrift Store.  I think it is perfect for Christmas!

The Santa is another Bliss find from earlier this year. He was only $2.99!

The sleigh and the globe are new thrift finds.

For my tree this year I just changed up the ornaments a little and use mostly gold and rose gold. One new addition is the train I read the tree that was only $3 I thought the train had beautiful colors for Christmas this was another thing my mother helped me find when we were shopping together.

The doll is from Goodwill.  I thought she was just too pretty to leave behind when I saw her!

This white and gold Santa is also new for this year.  He was only one or two dollars from Goodwill this past summer.


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